Divine Wisdom: The passage, “Indeed HE succeeds who purifies his own soul and indeed HE fails who corrupts his own soul” QN91:9-10, reminds us that, just as we don’t like drinking from dirty cups, God abhors things that are unclean and will only answer prayers that are offered by clean hearts, exhibit seriousness, come with an intensity that shows we are not just throwing out options, lines up with His Word and purposes, and comes from undivided hearts. 

In other words, we get it horribly wrong when all we do is, say a quick prayer as we rush out the door, a short prayer before a meal or start a meeting with a token prayer. 

So let the knowledge that:
1) Righteousness comes in two kinds, the practical and the positional;
2) We can do more than pray after we might have prayed, but we cannot do more than pray until we have prayed; and
3) A double-minded man, or woman, receives nothing from the Lord;
Teach you, this Friday, to perform Jumah prayer consciously with every seriousness and each time, see the need to pray and do righteousness deeds with a clean heart, and also ask for the grace to do it right!

Pray with me: O Allah! I come to You with a clean heart, please direct my intentions and every step to meet Your expectations of me. Do not remove me and my offspring from Your good books that we may be and remain successful, by Your grace.

Good morning. Barka Jumah and a happy weekend!

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