Divine Wisdom: The passage, “It may be that Allah will bring about Love and friendship between you and those whom you hold to be your enemies…”QN60:7 reminds those who’ve been so hurt by a relationship or disappointed at peoples disloyalty, that they’ve decided never to trust anyone again; that, because the real test of trust in a relationship is intimacy based on honesty. To never trust again is like living in a tower where we’re safe from life’s threatening grasp, but so detached from life that we lose consciousness of people, places, dates, and events.

So let the knowledge that:
1) It takes courage to be honest with God, and even more to be honest with one another;
2) Regardless of what we’ve lost, we’re still alive; and
3) “…Allah is Powerful; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”, impact on you that God’s healing process can set us free to taste life again, trust again and live without fear;
Teach you, to leave your mind open and trust God to bring the right person, the right people who will engineer your progress and contribute to your success, into your life at the right time!

Pray with me: O Allah! Reconcile our heart With love and understanding, resolve our broken affairs, guide us toward peace and paths of guidance. Take us out of the darkness of falsehood and ignorance to the brightness of truth and guidance.

Good morning and have a prosperous week!

There is love in sharing