“Allah will establish in strength those who believe, with the word that stands firm, in this world and in the Hereafter; but Allah will leave, to stray, those who do wrong…” QN14:27

Take a Promise today, for His “Mercy encompasses all things” QN7:157

Say: “O Allah! Thank You for Your Love and for showing us the true path. Please envelope us in the Grace and blessings of Surah Al-Faatia, as It is “You alone we worship; You alone do we seek for help and You alone we adore but, being weak, we need your succor. So, help us, O God! Guide us on that path which your faithful ones had trodden before, the path of love and absolute commitment and sacrifice to seek your pleasure. Protect us from following a path of distraction that leads away from the canopy of your love and grace; and having been led on to the path of your love, save us from losing it; Our Lord, The Grateful, The Sublime, The Great.”

(Ramadan Diet Day10: Recite The Holy Quran – Juz 10)

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