“Those for whom the good record from us has gone before will be removed far therefrom. Not the slightest sound will they hear of Hell: what their souls desired, in that will they dwell. The Great Terror will bring them no grief: but the angels will meet them with mutual greetings:” This is your Day,- the Day that you were promised.” QN21:101-103

Take a Promise today, “for your Lord is the sure Accomplisher of what He plans; an uninterrupted gift.” QN11:107

Say: “O Allah! I seek first Your Paradise and Your righteousness, make me walk in Your best way for my life, forever and always. Help me Lord to be wise in my decisions; Lead me Lord in the direction that You would have me go day in, and day out; make my life count and be successful in making a difference; O Lord, The Generous, The Watchful, The Responsive.”
(Ramadan Diet Day12: Recite The Holy Quran – Juz 12)

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