Divine Wisdom: The passage,
“Do you not see that Allah has made what is in the heavens and what is in the earth subservient to you, and made complete to you His favours outwardly and inwardly?” Qu’ran 31:20 reminds us that, because we are called to use our gift to bless and build others, and display God’s kingdom to a watching world, each of us should use whatever gift we have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of His grace in its various forms and each time we speak, we should do so as people who speak from the authority of His Word.

In other words, each of us is gifted differently and without exception, we are all gifted perfectly, outwardly and inwardly.

So let the knowledge that:
1) Our God in His divine wisdom has given to each of us the precise gift or gifts that will enable us to function most effectively;
2) In serving God, our work as individual believers is to exercise our spiritual gifts in ministering to one another; and
3) To the extent that we do not exercise our spiritual gift, we hinder the progress of our faith;
Teach you, this new week and as we go about our various activities, compliment your actions with servitude and do so with the strength that HE provides, so that all things may be perfect and in all things, HE may be praised!

Pray with me. O Allah! In all things and in all positions, I choose to serve You Alone. Direct my noble cause and grant me the grace to excel beyond my expectations and manifest Your glory upon me and my household. Amin!

Good morning and enjoy a wonderful week of exceptional grace!

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