Divine Wisdom: The passage,
“If Allah is your helper none can overcome you…” Surah Aal-I-Imraan – QN3:160, reminds those of us who, our businesses took us where we had no business being, go through endless challenges while future looks bleak, cursed God for making us stand at the grave of loved ones we, are now wondering if we may have drifted too far, waited too long and are no longer sure of our stand with God that, no power above or below will ever be able to separate us from Him.

In other words, “His mercy encompasses all things” QN7:156, hence, nothing, not even the powers of hell, can get in the way of His love for us.

So let the knowledge that:
1) Even when bad things happen, God still cares;
2) In the midst of fear, He loves us; and
3) When danger lurks, He is there;
Teach you, even if everything seems to be working against you today, to keep on walking in faith and seek solace in the Surah of Relief where God reassured us of His promise – QN94:5-6 “So truly where there is hardship there is also ease; Truly where there is hardship there is also ease.”

Pray with me: O Allah! As the year is coming to an end, I seek refuge in Your forgiveness, relief from every form of challenges that may have shaken my faith and trust in You, grant me Your unending love and drench me perpetually in Your well of Mercy and Blessings in the coming year and beyond, Amin!

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