The passage, “…and He will send the heaven showering plentifully upon you and He will add strength to your strength” QN11:52, reminds us that, people will laugh and sneer at our plans to do things which to them, seem outside the box, dream bursts would do everything to discourage us, but with God on our side, that laughter and mockery will instill in us an even greater determination to realise our dreams and help bear the weight of the hardships that are to come. 

In other words, with determination and His help, we will always WIN.

So let the knowledge that:
1) God’s way is perfect, His word is proven and He is a shield to all who trust in Him;
2) He has armed us with strength for the battle, He will subdue those who once rose against us, and because He delights in us, He will make us perfect and set us up in high places; and
3) Every known Hero, without exception, had to overcome obstacles and opposition; Teach you, this new month of July, that no matter what others say concerning your vision, remain focused, keep on walking and believe that God will add more strength to your strength to overcome any form of obstacles in fulfilling your dreams. Greater you In Shaa Allah!

Pray with me: O Allah! Unto You I look for help. Do not leave me within the twinkle of eye, cause Your face to continue to shine upon me and my household, that we may have every cause to give thanks to You always.

Good morning. Have a succesful new week and a blessed new Month full of pleasant surprises!

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