Thanks so much Sis for the spiritual support. I really do appreciate you. May Allah help me reward you.

Mrs Gbemisola Kassim-Balogun

Asalaam Alaikun waramotulai wabarakatuhu. Thanks for sharing the daily morning devotions. I appreciate them. 

Maryam Ajanaku

We commenced the Ramadan (2021) with Bisimilai and we ended it with Alhamdulilai. We really appreciate your daily Ramadan diet you sent to Muslim brothers and sisters in lslam in which I am one of them. I have more than 30 (thirty) contacts that received it daily from my WhatsApp and SMS respectively.  I also learnt that they themselves shared it to their various contacts. l received many calls if they did not receive the daily Ramadan diet on time. I can not but thank Alhaja Zhikrah Afolake Akanbi of LIBRAGOLD for keeping us busy during the Ramadan time in the cause of Allah. I and others have been receiving these prayers adequately for the past many years. May Almighty Allah answer from his infinite mercy, all that you need and ask for from dreams of your heart to the prayers in your lips to every expectations and aspirations your heart that he is pleased with. Ameen. Never give up madam.

Musa Logun