Divine Wisdom: The passage, “When My servants ask you about Me, then tell them that I am indeed near…” QN2:186, reminds those wondering if God can use someone like them that, if He can use Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), who could not write nor read, but yet revealed the Quran through him by reading it out and documenting, and did miraculous works in revealing and teaching the truth of the religion of Allah, making him the most important author in Arabic literature, making him the seal of the Prophets; can certainly use anyone, because His grace is amazing and He has committed to us the message of reconciliation.

In other words, all He needs are ordinary individuals who are willing to tell others that which they have seen or heard, and the change God has made in their lives. 

So let the knowledge that:
1) God doesn’t change, He moves and we have to stay in step with Him;
2)The Holy Quran as revealed is not just good advice, it is good news; and
3) Our sin debt is cancelled, our books are reconciled and now, we can have a personal relationship with God by putting our trust in Him;
Teach you, even when you don’t understand certain things about God’s will, to accept them and keep right on walking and thank God for a new week of overwhelming blessings.

Pray with me: O Allah! In You, I trust with all my aspirations. Perfect Your act upon me and manifest Your glory in my life, in all I do, in all I say, in all my actions, that I may praise You forever, by Your Mercy.

Good morning and have a week full of multiple blessings.

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