Divine Wisdom: The passage,
“Then Allah caused His peace of reassurance to descend upon him and supported him with forces invisible to you, and made the disbeliever’s plans the nethermost, while Allah’s Plan it was that became the uppermost. Allah is Mighty, Wise.” Surah At-Tawba – QN9:40, reminds those who, because they often trust each other but doubt God and readily take the words of mortals, yet distrust His, tend to be anxious about the future that, if we just recall His faithfulness to us in the past, we will see that every promise that He ever made concerning our lives eventually came true.

In other words, even though, life is in perpetual motion, change is still constant; God has a Curriculum Vitae and track record like no other.

So let the knowledge that:
1) God’s faithfulness is great;
2) The terms, ‘hitherto’ and ‘henceforth’, which refer to the past and the future respectively, are consistent with His Word; and
3) We may have failed Him at some point last year, but just as He never once failed us, He will not fail us in this new year 2022;
Teach you, this New Year to be sure to boldly prepare for the ‘New Normal’ which will unfold before your eyes each and every single day of the year 2022 and pray for strength and wisdom to adapt as it unfolds.

Pray with me: O Allah! Which of Your favours can I ever deny? None! I pray You continue to shield me under Your wings, grant me the strength, wisdom and resources to walk in Your words for a greater me in this New year and beyond, by Your mercy. Amin!

Good morning. Have a splendid week and a fantastic Year!

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