Divine Wisdom: The passage, “… and openly repel evil with good. For such shall have the reward of the ultimate abode.” QN13:22, reminds those of us who are tired of the vicious attacks people make against each other and those who label others as, ‘ignorant, stupid, and dumb’, simply because they don’t espouse their own philosophy that, while it’s easy to react to acts of kindness with kindness, the real challenge is responding with kindness to those who lack it.

In other words, to be kind to those who mistreat us, we must grow in grace.

So let the knowledge that:
1) Being civil in our public discourse and behavior, respectful of others whether or not we agree with them and choosing to stand against incivility when we see it, are good policies to adopt; and
2) God sees all and He rewards every act of kindness;
Teach you to never underestimate the power of a kind word spoken in season!

Pray with me: O Allah thank You for Your goodness to me and my household. I submit my ways to You; I surrender my will to You knowing that You are working in my life and fighting my battles for me, as I keep myself connected to You. Amin!

Good morning and have a Victorious week ahead!

There is love in sharing