Divine Wisdom: The passage,
“And He answers those who believe and do good deeds, and gives them more out of His Grace” QN42:25, reminds us that, just as what made Prophet Sulaiman’s (a.s) reign as king unique was the evidence of God’s grace as he did not ask for a mighty kingdom and authority because he wanted fame, power and glory; but rather, it was his noble aspiration to remedy the spiritual malaise of his people and to introduce them to sublime truths, and this was the focus of his teachings. Without being selfish, God’s presence in His life by His Grace used him to bless people and set people free.

So with the understanding that as We journey through the earth, Allah has promised He would be with us always as in QN2:186 and if “we call upon Him, He will answer” QN40:60, this sets us apart from the crowd. Thus, He has demonstrated by His presence through His Grace of life and His Spirit that dwells in and empowers us, and the only way other people will know that we are indeed His followers is, by setting an example when it comes to serving others and showing love for everyone.

In other words, His presence among us should set us apart from the crowd.

So let the knowledge that:
1) God’s presence in our lives is an expression of His grace and not our worthiness;
2) Our confidence in His presence gives us a strong conviction of our high calling to serve Him in every capacity of life; and
3) Since His Grace sets us apart, this gives us the courage to live according to His Will and serve others in His name; stay noble and humble even as He continues to answer your prayers;
Teach you, to count your Blessings for the grace of a fulfilled year, just as we usher in a new Hijrah year 1441AH and decide on a new year resolution never again to take the Grace of God for granted, and look forward to a more Productive and fulfilled year in your service to God and humanity!

Pray with me: My Lord! grant me that I should be grateful for Your favour which You have bestowed on me and on my parents and that I should do good such as You are pleased with, and include me and my offsprings by Your mercy, in the ranks of Your righteous servants. QN27:19

Good morning. Jumah Mubarak and Happy New Hijrah 1441AH in advance!

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