Friday, 15th October, 2021
9 Rabi’l, 1443AH

Divine Wisdom: The passage,
“whoever fears God and keeps his duty to Him, He will make for him a way out, and provide for him from whence he could never imagine.” Surah At-Talaaq – QN65:2-3, reminds us that the fear of God comes about as the result of having proper knowledge of God and His perfect attributes, and it is when we delight ourselves In His attributes, that we draw strength to overcome life’s difficulties and He will provide for our needs and grant us a way of providing for the needs of our families and meet all other obligations, send His Word to the four corners of the world while helping the poor and needy, He will keep meeting us at our points of need. 

In other words, to ensure we succeed, He is willing to throw open the floodgates of Heaven and pour out more blessings than we have room for in our store houses. 

So let the knowledge that:
1) When our reasons for wanting Allah’s Favor and Mercy are to fulfil God’s will and bless others, He will honour us;
2) If we fail to provide for His own, we have denied that faith and shall end up worse than infidels; and
3) If we fear Him and delight ourselves in His Commads, we will  be blessed beyond our wildest imagination;
Teach you, in order for His righteousness to endure upon you forever, to help spread the Word and keep supporting the less privileged around you!

Pray with me: O Allah! Grant me exceptional grace. Increase Your mercy and favor upon me that I May bless others with all You have blessed me with and give Glory to You all the days of my life. Amin!

Good morning. Jumah Kareem and. Blessed weekend ahead!

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