“Those who rehearse the Book of Allah, establish regular Prayer, and spend in charity out of what We have provided for them, secretly and openly, hope for a commerce that will never fail: For He will pay them their meed, yes, He will give them even more out of His Bounty: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Ready to appreciate service.”
Surah Faatir – QN35:29-30

Take a Promise today, cos “What Allah out of his Mercy bestows on mankind there is none can withhold: what He withholds, there is none can grant, apart from Him…” QN35:2

Say: “O Allah! indeed I ask You for beneficial knowledge, and a good Halal provision, and actions which are accepted by You. Our Lord, give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire. Ya Allah! The Originator, The Restorer, The Giver of life.”
(Ramadan Diet Day17: Recite The Holy Quran – Juz 17)

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