Friday, 1st January, 2021
17 Jumada 1, 1442AH

Divine Wisdom: The passage, “He settled Himself upon the throne” Surah Al-Hadid – QN57:3, reminds us that, there are basically two kinds of givers, those who give God their ‘leftovers’ and those who give Him their ‘first fruits’ and the problem with giving leftovers is that, because our generosity is tied to our self-sufficiency, the moment we face financial uncertainty, generosity takes a back seat; but those who give Him their first fruits understand that He is the source of everything they have.

In other words, they are motivated to invest in His interests first and their own interests second and believe in the passage “Allah multiplies His rewards for whom He wills…” QN2:261; Hence the principle that what we reap is always greater than what we sow.

So let the knowledge that:
1) No matter how hard we try, we can never out give God;
2) It makes no sense to say we trust Him with our eternal destiny, yet reject His invitation to be our financial partner; and
3) Fear will cause us to become irrational and act contrary to what we believe in our heart;
Teach you, as you reflect on your New Year Resolution, to consider making generous giving a major part of your life in the year 2021!

Pray with me: O Allah! The Most Compassionate Most Merciful, it is by Your Grace that we have gone this far and witnessed another year. Help me to have trust in you as my financial Partner. Make this a year full of abundant blessings as You favour us with supernatural help from above. We thank You and give You all The glory. Amin!

Good morning. Jumah Mubarak and a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2021!

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