Divine Wisdom: The passage, “Indeed my Lord is near and responsive”QN11:61 naturally gives inner Peace and unique joy, that is fulfilling in a way that the world’s happiness isn’t and for that reason, being a faithful and true believer brings inner joy that’s real and resilient regardless of our situation.

In other words, nothing can ever compare to the love of God.

So let the knowledge that:
1) The love of God is unconditionally offered and, once accepted, permanently experienced,
2) His divine love is constantly at work directing, protecting and correcting us; and
3) It guarantees His Acceptance when all others have rejected us, His Forgiveness when all others have judged us, and His Mercy when all others have condemned us;
Teach you, that a world that didn’t give you joy, can never take it away! So Beloved, this last Friday in the Month of January and Jumada, see the Month as ending on a happy note, Keep the faith, remain focused and TGIF!

Pray with me: O Allah! All I want to say is to thank You, Praise You, worship You and continue to give You my all, for which of Your favours can I ever deny? None! The Most Fulfilling and Everlasting God.
Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Robil Alameen!!!!

Good morning. Barka Jumah and a lovely weekend ahead!

There is love in sharing