Ramadan 29, 1440 AH:

Alhamdulillah! We have observed the Last night of Laylatul Quadr, and the anxiety now is whether Ramadan ends today or tomorrow!

Anyhow, what happens after Ramadan? ‘Eid’! Do you know that the ‘Eid’ means ‘a festival of ever-recurring happiness’ and there are recommended acts on the day of Eid?
1) Give Zakat Al-Fitr before the prayer of Eid Al-Fitr.
2) Eat something sweet before going for Eid Al-Fitr prayer.
3) Pronounce the Takbir on the way.
4) Observe the prayer in congregation in an open space (Musalla).
5) Congratulate each other.
6) Take your whole family for the Eid prayer, and
“…You should exalt the Greatness of Allah for His having guided you, and that you may give thanks.”QN2:185.

May Allah make every step easy for us, and ‘Beleive’ and ‘Say’ “All that has been promised to (me) will come to pass; (no one) can prevent the very least part of it.”QN6:134.

Pray with me: O Allah, whatever favour has come to me, comes from You alone who have no partner, continue to strengthen my Iman, guide me aright so I may fulfill my purpose on earth, Your continued Blessings, and mercy I seek as this Ramadan ends, make every day the beginning of greater things for me and my entire household, by Your Grace. ‎To You be praise and to You be thanks.

Good morning. Eid El Fitri Mubarak in Advance!!!

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