“And ask forgiveness of your Lord, then turn to Him repentant; He will provide you with a goodly provision to an appointed term and bestow His grace on every one endowed with grace, and if you turn back, then surely I fear for you the chastisement of a great day.” Surah Hud – QN11:3

And such are the revealed verses “that may warn therewith you and whomsoever it may reach.”QN6:19

Pray with me: O Allah! We seek refuge in You from severe trials and hardship, from poverty and lessening in our means of livelihood. O Allah! Make sufficient for us what is lawful and keep us away from what is unlawful and enrich us with Your favours so that We are dependent upon no one but You. Expand for us Your provision till our old age and till the end of our life. Amin

Ramadan Kareem!!!

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