“And when Our messengers brought Ibrahim (a.s) the good news, they said: Lo! we are about to destroy the people of that township, for its people are wrong-doers. He said: Lo! Lot is there. They said: We are best aware of who is there. We are to deliver him and his household, all save his wife, who is of those who stay behind.” Suratul Al-Ankaboot QN29:31-32

And in the command of the destruction of Sodom, is an “illustration from the story of people who passed away before you, and an admonition for those who fear Allah” Surah Al-Noor – QN24:34

Pray with me: O Allah! We seek refuge in You, You are the All-Knowing Most Merciful. Do not submit us for destruction even when we have wronged You. Please do not subject us to shame, accept our repentance. Help us to retract and retrace our steps and conscience back on Your straight path, and save us among Your chosen ones You would definitely save in this time of the pandemic. Save us, and shower Your divine Favour and blessings upon us and our household, by Your Mercy O Allah. Amin.
(Remember to recite Surah Al-Kham – QN18)

Jumah Mubarak and Ramadan Kareem!!!

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