Ramadan Diet – Day 8

“Calamities have appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of the people have earned, so that Allah makes them taste some of what they did, in order that they may return by repenting to Allah, and begging His pardon.” Suratul Ar-Rum – QN30:41
And indeed, “We have made our revealed verses distinct for the people and Nations who take and remember advice” QN6:126

Pray with me: O Allah! We are indeed sober and in total repentance. Please forgive our iniquities, make us one who remembers You greatly, one who fears You greatly, one who obeys you greatly, one turning greatly towards You in submission and humility. Grant us superiority over the disbelieving people and absolve us from any form of chastisement. Amin.
Jummah Mufeedah & Ramadan Kareem!!!

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