Ramadan Diet – Day 9

“But they were froward, so We sent on them the flood of ‘Iram, and in exchange for their two gardens gave them two gardens bearing bitter fruit, the tamarisk and here and there a lote-tree. This We awarded them because of their ingratitude. Punish We ever any save the ingrates?” Surah Saba – QN34:16-17

The mighty flood on the people of Saba in their dwelling place, is a way we “explain the signs in detail for those who understand.” Surah Al-Araf – QN7:32

Pray with me: O Allah! Make my love for You transcend the Love of all other things and make my fear of You be more than the fear of all other things. Make my desire to meet You override all desires of this world.`
Ramadan Kareem !!!

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