“And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him…”QN17:23.

That is the focal point of ‘candles to light your path’ this Ramadan, “Worship none but Him” Laila Illala…..

The significance of true worship and submission to the will of Almighty Allah, is verst; (1) He covers our sinfulness in the robe of forgiveness and from that point on, we are always acceptable in His eyes;
(2) He fully restores, re-commissions and gives us full authority to do exploits in His Name;
(3) He gives us the full rights of serviceship;
(4) He luminates our life activities with His light, such that we are able to overcome any form of calamities or fears; and
(5) As in the verse, “Do not despair of the Mercy of Allah….”QN39:53, this season, let’s re-dedicate ourselves in total worship and submission to Him Who never gives up on His own, for “…there is forgiveness and a great reward.”QN5:9; and see how His Glory will manifest in our lives, even as we thank God it’s friday!

Pray with me: O Allah! Your forgiveness I seek. Please show me how to live everyday to the fullest so that I can enjoy life the way pleasing to You, by Your Mercy. Amin.

Asalaam Alaikun Waramotulai Wabarakatuhu!

Good Morning and Baraka Jumah.


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