Ramadan Diet Day3: TOTAL SUBMISSION!

“Allah is sufficient for me. There is no power except Him, and in Him I put my trust.”QN9:129

That is the focal point of ‘candles to light your path’ this Ramadan….. “And in Him I put my trust.” There are two parts to being a Believer:
1) Accepting that there is no other god worthy to be worshipped except Allah and HE is our personal Saviour; ‘Laaila Ilala Wadahu Laserikalahu…’ and
2) Making Him the undisputed Lord of our lives, which many find difficult, because it demands that we crucify daily, through a slow and excruciatingly painful process, that part of us which always wants to be in control;
But then, the verse, “…turn in repentance and in obedience with true Faith to your Lord and submit to Him…”QN39:53; assures us that when we submit and make Him Lord of your life, He alone decides:
1) Where we go;
2) The price we’ll have to pay; and
3) The person we’ll become.

In other words, salvation may be free but to get it, we must willingly surrender all and place our Faith in Allah higher than anything else in the world! Allah Akbar!!!

Pray with: Ya Allah! Help me and make it easy for me to draw closer to You this Ramadan and forever, Amin.

Asalaam Alaikun Waramotulai Wabarakatuhu!

Good Morning and have a Blessed Saturday.


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