“Whosoever puts his trust in Allah, He will suffice him.”QN65:3

The focal point of ‘Candles to light your path’ this Ramadan is, “trust in Allah”….
The mind is a beautiful and complex thing that easily alternates between good and bad, and the only means of control available to us is self-discipline through total trust in God ‘Laila Illala Wadahu Laasherikalahu…’, which can be difficult and demanding. For that reason, the passage, “Do good and practise self-restraint…”QN4:126; assures us that discipline is our friend to be embraced daily because it is a tool given by God to help us reach our goals. So with an understanding that when you win the battle of your mind you’ll be much more decisive, confident and focused and by implication, a more effective and successful person; Ma Shaa Allah.

So, from this moment, ask God to help you to control your thoughts, keep your mind on the right things and trust Him fully for a totally confident you!

Pray with me: O Allah! I promise to be a new creation. I seek You to empower me to live as an overcomer. I give this day to You and ask You to help me fully understand the plan You have for me by Your Mercy. Amin.

Asalaam Alaikun Waramotulai Wabarakatuhu!

Good Morning and have a splendid Sunday.


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