“When they ask you O Muhammed concerning me; say ‘I Am indeed close. I answer to the supplication of the suppliant when he calls upon me without any mediator or intercessor…”QN2:186.

That is the focal point of ‘candles to light your path’ this Ramadan…. ‘I answer to the Suplication’…. meaning, call upon ME and I will answer you!
While everyone around you has an agenda for you even when you spend your life trying to please and meet their expectations, God has no hidden agenda or unmet needs that He’s hoping you can help Him with; other than creating you to “Worship Him Alone” QN51:56, which He readily responds to! He knows what the best version of you looks like, He delights in the very idea of it, and He is already working to bring it to fruition in your life.

So with an understanding that “…the provision of your Lord is better and more lasting.”QN20:131; take the essence of your existence more seriously “And enjoin As-salat on your family, and be patient in offering them….”QN20:132‎.

Pray with me: O Allah! Help me with my fasts and prayers, keep me away from mistakes and sins of the day, Grant me that I remember You continuously and bring all my heart desires to fruition, by Your assistance, O Guide of those who stray. Allahumo amin.

Asalaam Alaikun Waramotulai Wabarakatuhu!

Good Morning and a wonderful Wednesday.


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