“The Evil one threatens you with poverty and bids you to conduct unseemly. Allah promises you His forgiveness and bounties. And Allah cares for all and He knows all things.” QN2:268

Take a Promise today, cos “For sure! the Promise of Allah is true” QN31:33

Say: “O Allah! Please do not allow my weakness to overcome my strength. I seek Your mercy and pray Quran 2 verse 286, upon my family and Myself; Ya Allah! “Condemn us not if we forget or fall into error. Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which You did lay on those before us. Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Blot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Protector. Help us against those who stand against faith; You are our Guardian, The Almighty, The Irresistible, The Supreme.”

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