Divine Wisdom: The passage, “Surely God, attains his purpose. God, indeed has appointed a measure for everything.” Surah At-Talaq – QN65:3, reminds us that, our lives are lived in appointed times and in season, and because the grace that accompanied each season will lift, and what was once rewarding will start to feel unrewarding; to be fruitful, we must recognise the season we are in and maximise it.

In other words, there is fruit within us that will only be produced when we understand what season we are in.

So let the knowledge that:
1) Successful men or women are like trees planted by streams of water which yield fruit in season;
2) To be fruitful, we must do things in their appointed time;
3) When the right season comes, we’ll produce what’s stored within effortlessly; and
4) We can only be fruitful in our season;
Teach you this new week, that rightly done, each season can be the best season of your life!

Pray with me: O Allah! Henceforth, I choose to focus on You. I open my heart and mind to receive Your daily benefits as You direct me and Show me ways to achieve Your purpose for me and be a blessing to others. Overwhelm me with Your Love and spirit, by Your Grace. Amin kunfayakun!

Good morning and have a productive week!

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