Divine Wisdom: The passage,
“… Add to my strength through him-Aaron and make him share my task” Surah Taa’Haa – QN20:25-32, reminds us that to run with purpose in everything, we must plan towards it. Whether it is in the world of sports or the kingdom of God, all winners tend to exhibit five basic traits namely: self-awareness, focus, confidence, toughness and a game plan. Just like Pht MUSA (a.s) was honest about his strengths and weaknesses (remove the impediment from my speech – QN20:27) – ‘self-awareness’; Need to build ‘self-confidence’ (Expand my chest with faith, knowledge, and affection – QN20:25); ‘Toughness ‘ – (ease my task – QN20:26); ‘Game plan’ – is to have assistance like a second in command (appoint for me a henchman from my family, Aaron – QN20:29-30); ‘Focus’ on Victory and success – (add to my strength through him, and make him share my task, that we may glorify You much – QN20:31-33). This is an inspiration for success, not an entertainment, and It’s an act we must emulate and do for ourselves daily through prayer and the Word of God.

In other words, Planning is an integral part of the Believer’s mechanism of work and faith and centred around elements that are at heart, relevant matters to the process of Success.

So let the knowledge that:
1) Winners overcome anxiety by keeping their eyes on the goal and game plan, and as they get closer, their confidence increases;
2) Like athletes we must punish our bodies, training them to do what they should, not what they want; and
3) Talent alone is not enough, having a goal is not enough either; rather, we need a plan to live by;
Teach you, this new week to re-discovered ourselves again and seek help through planning and faith in Our God Who never forsakes us!

Pray with me: O Allah! Enrich me with Your words, help me in ways to embrace all around me and to give thanks to You always. Do not weaken my expectations before You favour me with Your blessings. Shower Your mercy upon me and bless all my plans and every step towards achieving greater successes by Your grace. Amin

Good morning and have a week full of abundant blessings!

There is love in sharing

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