The Birth of Rajab and Shaaban Wisdom diet

The coronavirus spread made me observe the 30 days fast in the month of Rajab which commenced late February 2020 just a few weeks after the burial of my dad. Then the national lockdown and the pandemic. In loneliness and troubled mind, I observed the complete fast of Rajab, the few days fast in the month of Shaaban (Monday, Thursday and the white days of Ayam Al-Beedh I.e 13,14,15 Shaaban) and the complete fast of Ramadan. I observed that despite the lockdown and with nothing much to do, but surprisingly, the generality of our people still found it shocking that Ramadan rolled in suddenly during the lockdown. It cut quite a lot of people unawares till a few days to Ramadan.

Like all Muslims around the world, we are constantly going through a journey of self-discovery and personal improvement through the guidance of the words of Allah (SWT). As an inspirational writer, this year, I thought it will be nice to start preparing the Muslim Umma for Ramadan taking us through the months of Rajab and Shaaban as we count down to Ramadan. So I hope with this effort, helps to bring us closer to Him and His teachings.

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