Divine Wisdom: The Hadith “None of you have faith until you love for your neighbor what you love for yourself”(Sahih Muslim), reminds us that, in these end times when most people are self-absorbed, self-promoting, smooth-talking and looking for the slightest opportunity to take advantage of others, the only ones among us who will really be happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.

In other words, those who practice putting others first receives more of God’s blessings.

So let the knowledge that:
1) Too often, we expect everyone else to practice the Golden Rule;
2) We get the best motivation when we start looking for the good qualities in people instead of the bad ones; and
3) The secret to getting ahead in life is to be more like God and love others a little bit more than they deserve;

Teach you as we approach the close of the year, that if you’ve had a kindness shown, to let it travel down the years and wipe the tears of others; that’s the best New year gift you can give this festive season!

Pray with me: O Allah! You are my Lord, there is none worthy of worship but You. I Keep to Your promises and my pledge to You so far as I am able. I admit to Your blessings upon me and my family and I admit to my misdeeds, all I seek this day is Your forgiveness and Love, grant me great inheritance in this world and hereafter by Your Grace. Amin.

Good morning. Jumah Mubarak and have a fantastic weekend!

There is love in sharing