Monday, 4th April, 2022
3 Ramadan, 1443AH

Ramadan Diet Day3

Say, ‘I have strong faith that nothing is impossible in life!’ meaning it’s too soon to give up! Because Allah has promised that your “…efforts will not be rejected” Surah Al-Anbiyah – QN21:94.

As you look forward to this week activities, even though you have a heavy heart, be rest assured that from now, God will usher you into accelerated fulfilment of your divine purpose & destiny in life, In Shaa Allah! So remain focus and step out in Faith.

Pray with me: Our Lord! Open for me my chest, grant me self confidence, contentment and boldness to overcome every challenges in every area of my life, only by Your Grace, amin.

Good morning and have a wonderful Monday!

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