Divine Wisdom: The passage, “he who rejects false deities and believes in Allah has grasped a firm handhold which will never break.” QN2:256, reminds those of us who only turn to God when we get into a jam and pray, promising that if He gets us out of our dilemma, we will live for Him that, unlike Qaroon, who was careless about his spiritual life, not recognizing nor admitting the grace of God in his life and did whatever he felt like doing, we are expected to be dedicated to doing His will at all times.

In other words, we are asking for trouble when we refuse to take Him seriously.

So let the knowledge that:
1) Seeking God is not just an afterthought or a convenience to us;
2) We would be saving ourselves many problems and spare ourselves much pain if we just stop and ask Him for directions: and
3) If we fear and walk in obedience to Him, we will be blessed, eat the fruits of our labour and, His blessings and prosperity will be ours;
Teach you, not to wait until when things get tough and you find yourself in tight spots, before turning to Him in desperation, rather, this is a wake up call to start getting up close and personal with Him!

Pray with me: O Allah! Grant me peace of mind as my heart desires to seek You. Never put me to shame in the face of my enemies, Be my strength even when I am weak and cause Your face to continue to shine upon me as I step up and remain steadfast in Your love. Amin.

Good morning. Jumah Mubarak and an awesome weekend ahead!

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