Divine Wisdom: The passage,
“celebrate the praises of your Lord again and again, and glorify Him in the evening and in the morning.” QN3:41 reminds those who, when it comes to praising God keep saying things like, ‘But I don’t understand how praise works’ or ‘how do we know that God acknowledges our praises’, that, just as we don’t have to understand aerodynamics in order to fly, we simply board aeroplanes and trust pilots to take us where we need to go, the same principle applies to praising God, when we are doing it, we get the desired results plus much more.

In other words, praise brings us into His presence and positions us for His favour and blessing, Ma Shaa Allah.

So let the knowledge that:
1) It is normal to focus on the problem and forget to praise God, but praise solves problems, “In the remembrance of Allah do minds find rest” QN13:28;
2) When we are overwhelmed by circumstances, the last thing we feel like doing is praising Him, but it is the first thing we should do because it gets our attention off ourselves and onto His miraculous power; and
3) We can praise Him too little, but we can never praise Him too much;
Teach you this new week, to start acknowledging the power of praise and choose to exalt Him regardless of how you feel, and surely your mind will have rest (QN13:28)

Pray with me: O Allah! Guide my steps, help me to register Your words in my heart and grant that all my acts of praises and worship meet with Your mercy, Amin.

Good morning. Have a Prosperous week!

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